Anna McCluskey

Urban Fantasy Author
He knew his friend was from another land,
but another world?
Faerieland is real, it’s dangerous, and the fae are counting on him to save them.
Welcome to the Duoverse,
where Humanland and Faeriland exist side-by-side,
even if most of the humans don't know it.
A couple of years ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy day, and there was a young man sitting on a bench outside in the rain, staring out at the parking lot.

I was there writing, working on one of the books in my Rhymes With Witch series, but I kept getting distracted, wondering why this person was outside in the rain, whether he was waiting for someone or something, and why he'd been waiting for so long.

As the time stretched on, and he just kept sitting there, I kept finding it more difficult to focus on the story I was writing, and found myself speculating, coming up with stranger and stranger scenarios, until finally, I opened up a new document and started writing a new story, in which a young man waited for an old friend, only to find that his friend was not who he'd thought.

And thus was the Duoverse born — a series of stories and novellas set in a world in which two planes exist at once, Faerieland and Humanland. Two realms intertwined together, but while the fae are very aware of both, most humans are only focused on our own plane.

I write these stories here and there, in between my other books, when I need something different to focus on, and I post them online. The first novella, Uprooted by the Storm, is nearly complete on a couple of platforms. Another novella, Any Portal in a Storm, will come next. I've also written a couple of short stories.

You can find a good portion of Uprooted by the Storm for free on Royal Road or you can join my Ream page for early access. Any Portal in a Storm will be serialized in the same fashion once Uprooted by the Storm is finished.

Right now, the short stories are only available on Ream.

But stay tuned — I'm planning to launch something big for this series in October on Kickstarter. If you don't want to miss it, you can follow my story on Royal Road, join my Ream subscription, or sign up for my newsletter.

The Duoverse is a bit different