Anna McCluskey

Urban Fantasy Author
He knew his friend was from another land,
but another world?
Faerieland is real, it’s dangerous, and the fae are counting on him to save them.
Welcome to the Duoverse,
where Humanland and Faeriland exist side-by-side,
even if most of the humans don't know it.
I'm doing the Duoverse differently

Let me back up a little bit. I am an indie author. 

I've always said that I am full-on indie.

That even if I was offered a book deal, I wouldn't take it

because I am proudly and adamantly an indie author.

A big part of being an indie author is running a subscription service

in order to shift focus from reliance on book sales via big, corporate retailers

to spaces where I have more control.

This is one way in which I build a truly independent author business. 

The Duoverse is not available on retailers like Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble,

and it never will be. I have big plans for the future of this series, but it will always only be available direct from me. Right now, you can only find it in two places,

and you can only find ALL of it on my Ream subscription page,

which you can join for as little as $3. 

You can find part of it on Royal Road, a free serialization site.

That's one place I post weekly chapters of the first novella in the series, Uprooted by the Storm. You can find more of those chapters on Ream, because I'm further ahead on there.

On Ream, you can also find two short stories from The Duoverse.

And there will be more.

As of right now, I have plans for many more short stories and at least one more novella.

I even have a cover and an outline for the second novella, Any Portal in a Storm.

All of these will be posted on Ream as they go.

What else can you find on Ream? I'm so glad you asked that.

You can actually access my entire backlist of ebooks,

including my Mathilda Holiday urban fantasy series

and my Rhymes With Witch paranormal comedy series.

Plus weekly pieces of poetry or short fiction, monthly updates or sneak peeks

into my current work-in-progress, and monthly updates on my life. 

There's also a community section, where you can interact with other readers. 

You can get access to all of that for as little as $3/mo.

You're welcome to select a higher tier if you'd like to give more support each month --

it's currently structured in a pay-what-you-want kind of way,

in which each tier gets the same rewards.

This may change at some point, but even if it does,

nothing will be removed from any tier.

$3 and up will always have access to my backlist,

serialized chapters of the Duoverse series,

poetry, short fiction,

and the monthly updates and sneak peeks.