Anna McCluskey

Urban Fantasy Author

The Duoverse is coming soon to the general populace

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The Duoverse series currently consists of a novella and two short stories, but will eventually be a full series of books.

The novella, Uprooted by the Storm, is in progress as a serial on my Patreon page. The two short stories, The Door in the Bathroom Wall and All In A Day's Work, are also available to be read on Patreon, and have been included in Kickstarter-exclusive collections as well. 

In the Duoverse, Faerieland and Humanland are connected by a series of portals. Most humans are unaware of the existence of Faerieland and the fae, but fae come and go as they please for the most part. 

Without the connection between the two, both worlds would be in grave danger -- a danger that looms over them in Uprooted by the Storm.