Anna McCluskey

Urban Fantasy Author
      She's cursed . . .
                  surrounded by idiots . . .
                            and can't find the corkscrew.
Something's got to give.
Get an unbelievable deal on this hilarious paranormal comedy trilogy that readers are calling
"so witty and well-written" and "intriguing."

Readers are saying....

"The story line was intriguing and the book had a smooth flow to it. The character work was great. I was hooked from beginning to end."
"Novel approach to the frustration every First Grade Teacher has endured. Fun Read with endearing, well defined character personalities! Sweetie, you're gonna love it!"
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Title. Double click here.

If you love....

Complicated heroines

Shenanigans and people getting turned into badgers

Diverse casts of characters, including people of color,

non-binary characters,

and neurodivergent characters

Spells that look suspiciously like dancing The Hustle

Found family and wacky bands of misfits

Adorable romantic sideplots with a happily-ever-after

A blend of humor, action, and suspense

You have got to check out the 
Rhymes With Witch series!

Twenty-nine years ago, Joan's first grade teacher, suffering from a migraine, put a curse on her entire class, giving them an electric jolt and taking away their sight and voices. The symptoms faded the next day, but now it's starting to come back.

As adults, Joan and a core group of her classmates have been racing against the clock, sifting through any info they can find on the supernatural, with no success. So when Joan comes across a skeleton key that gives her that same jolt, she hopes this may be their first real lead. She calls in reinforcements and they all descend on her house -- a yoga teacher to the stars, a pot-smoking ghost hunter, and her sexy on-again-off-again boyfriend, among others.

Will Joan be able to find the antidote to the curse before it takes over their lives -– and before these wackos drive her completely bonkers? And even if they do, how do they know it won't just come right back again?