Anna McCluskey

Urban Fantasy Author

The Books

Magic is real –

and it’s a bitch.

Everyone thinks

she’s dead.

So why are they still

coming after her?

Who can you trust when your allies’ minds

are not their own?

The Magic

The magic in the Mathilda-verse is unlike any other fantasy you've ever read. Any person can be a mage. What kind of mage you are depends on your temperament. 

Mages are divided into three disciplines: seers, spellers, and stitchers.

A seer is someone who lives in the future -- someone who is always planning ahead, always preparing for what's coming next. Seers have a natural ability to switch their vision from seeing the real world around them to seeing what the future holds, superimposed upon the present. They can also learn to look at things far away through a crystal ball or work with a stitcher to see the past. 

In the books, Tillie, Sister Margaret, and Giovani are all natural seers.

A speller lives in the present moment. Spellers can be impulsive, but they're also great in an emergency, because their strength lies in making split-second decisions.  Magic-wise, this translates into the ability to manipulate the world around them, in the present, through spells. A spell can be any words, spoken or thought, with intention behind them. 

Mattie, Ida, and Father Sean are all natural spellers. 

As you've probably guessed by now, stitchers live in the past. Stitchers tend to be big on reminiscing; they're also great at remembering details from the past. A stitcher uses hand gestures to alter the "fabric" of space and time. They can use these gestures to teleport short distances or to move objects around. 

Trevor, Amy, and Sister Catherine are natural stitchers.

Of course, some mages can use multiple disciplines, but that leads to all kinds of problems.....

What kind of mage would you be?

A handful of mages against an ancient international secret society – what could go wrong?

Special agents, a secret bunker, and ancient magic that nobody was prepared for....