Anna McCluskey

Urban Fantasy Author

Do you love ass-kicking urban fantasy
books with diverse characters, a healthy dose of humor, and a hint of intrigue?
Or would you prefer a comedy series with plenty of shenanigans, found family, and people getting turned into badgers?
Then again, maybe you'd be more into a darker epic urban fantasy with cryptids fighting over the future of humanity?
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Hi! I'm Anna and I'm an indie author

Being indie is very important to me. It's important to me that I write for you, my audience, my readers, and not for the distributor, the publisher, the big money people.

I love having a community of readers, being a part of something bigger than myself. I love that my books reflect who I am, and that I can write straight from my heart and not feel like I'm just churning out content that reflects what's popular in the moment.

No shade on authors who have chosen to work with publishers or who study what's hot and write to that! We're all out here hustling to make a living doing what we love, and I believe that all authors should do that in the way that makes the most sense, that speaks to our needs and our souls.

What makes my soul sing is connecting with readers, telling my stories straight to you, and giving you an immersive experience into my worlds. 

Which is why, although you'll find my books on all the standard retailers like Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and more, those retailers aren't where I put my focus. 

Instead, I put my energy toward platforms like Ream, a subscription page that was created by and for authors to optimize the readers' experience.

And crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and BackerKit, which allow me to launch every book I write directly to readers while including special extras that I literally cannot give you if you were to simply purchase the book from Amazon. 

And in-person events where I can meet you, talk to you, and hand you a signed book or a piece of merchandise that ties into the stories. 

So, how can you connect with me on these platforms? I'm so glad you asked that!

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